Wedding Apples

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Thank you for inquiring about our apples. We can match your wedding colors with chocolate! We can do anything with chocolate. Give us a color swatch of your wedding colors and we will actually make chocolate that matches, no matter what the color!

We recently designed a special apple for a bride, making an eggplant colored chocolate which matched her wedding color. We worked with the bride providing her with samples until we got exactly what she was looking for.

In addition, we custom design a special label for the container for your event at no extra cost. The ingredient labels and business labels are placed on the bottom of the box. Your special label appears on the side of the box so it is visible to your guests.

Our apples are packaged in a clear square box. We do not believe in putting an apple in a plastic bag. We will ship anywhere in the United States and package them in extra strong shipping containers to ensure that they arrive just the way they left our kitchen. Shipping costs are based on “real time” carrier costs. We ship with FedEx.

We use the green granny smith apples for our gourmet apples. The apples are purchased the day we are going to make them, for your order and made within 24 hours of shipping. That way we are providing you with the freshest apple possible. It is the crispness of the apple that makes our product stands out from the rest.

The unit cost of your special order depends on quantity, size and intricacy of the design. We will work closely with you to ensure that we make the most affordable apple possible for your occasion, while maintaining our dedication to making our apples “A work of art.”

Let’s get started! Let us know what you are interested in and we will create an apple unique to you!!